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Leather craftsmanship in the Csango family reaches back four generations, into the 19th century. Csango Henrik has forever engraved his familys name in the world of leather fashion:

In 1897, Henrik started his workshop and successfully made his name well known by 1910, when he won the Grand Prix at the World Fair in Paris. Thriving on this success, the rest of his relatives followed in his footsteps, evolving their know-how and passing their knowledge on to the next generation. Today, Henrik’s grandson,Thomas Csango is the carrier of his grandfathers heritage, combining his century old knowledge, with the latest fashion trends.

Thomas had blossomed his fashion knowledge when he moved to New York and started working for Morris Moskowitz and Judith Lieber. Upon returning to Hungary, Thomas started Cango&Rinaldi with his Italian partner, Antonio Rinaldi, achieving a great combination of deep rooted tradition and Italian quality.

Cango&Rinaldi emphasizes their century old values such as: premium quality, exclusivity, innovative material use and unique design. As a result, the brand has preserved their international recognition, blooming for years to come.